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Ben Shaw is an Educator and Legislative Advocate
for Tattoo Industry Professionals

If you’re a tattoo artist, aspiring tattoo artist, or industry professional, one thing is certain in today’s world – you need a champion. Why? Because rules, regulation, and legislation will not always align with your goals.

If you’ve got questions like…

  • How do I get licensed?
  • How can I help change the laws in my area that limit my success?
  • How do I successfully navigate licensure tools so that I can build a rock-solid business?

I’ve got you.

For more than 22 years I’ve been a champion and problem-solver for artists and business owners in our industry. I work tirelessly with artists to navigate the rules and laws in their markets and when those rules don’t make sense or levy an unfair burden on practitioners? I passionately work to bridge the gaps between tattoo professional and the lawmakers, compliance committees, and antiquated regulations that hinder or restrict businesses.

My mission is to ensure that every tattoo artist who wants to provide healthy and safe tattoos
can get properly licensed and have every tool they need to succeed.

Tattooing is the most ancient form of self-expression. We have been marking our flesh since before written history. It has regained its prestige within our society. nearly half the American population has a tattoo. It has become a billion-dollar industry and has ingrained itself into ALL demographics of the human species.

If you are a tattoo artist, professional, influencer, conference promoter, or industry educator – my goal is to help you realize YOUR goals. Whatever that takes.

If you need an advocate, educator, or ally in this business, you’ve got one in me.

Tattoo Industry Advocate ~ Ben Shaw

Tattoo Industry

A major milestone of Ben’s career was spearheading the state-approved Board of Body Art Practitioners through Senate Bill 275. In fact, Shaw sat on the NM Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists as the only tattoo artist and recognized the immense need for proper regulation specific to the tattoo industry. As a result, the Board of Body Art Practitioners was founded. The Board monitors the licensure of tattoo artists, guiding expectations of cleanliness and professionalism within the Tattoo industry.

Ben retired from his position as a chairman for the Board Of Body Art Practitioners in…

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Tattoo Industry Speaker ~ Ben Shaw


Some tattoo information is delivered on skin, and some comes on stage. Whether the opportunity is one-to-one or one-to-many, Ben is the skin artist source for creative ideas, supportive advice, helpful tips, and practical guidance for making your participation in the world of tattoos healthy and gratifying.

For a successful event, contact Ben about his availability for your best format from an hour presentation to a multi-day workshop. His topic selection and real-world experience will connect with your audience and stick – well, like a beautifully-designed tattoo!

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