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Indelible: Leadership Principles that Last

Great leadership is not just a position, as much as it is a decision. A choice to look over people, NOT down on them. Great leaders are always mindful of their actions and how they affect those around then. Those that surround this type of leader emulate a culture of personal excellence.

This all stems from how the leader leads themselves… when no one is looking or paying attention. How they communicate with themselves internally and treat themselves externally. How they deal with fear, failure, and discomfort. This can be the deciding factor if a company, team or venture will stand the test of time and succeed, or crumble from internal erosion.

Here you will learn some key principles to guide yourself and your people, from within. Challenging your beliefs on fear, discomfort, self-discipline and leading yourself and others by finding your inner voice and compass. You will be given strategies on how to identify your limiting beliefs and how to use them, instead of using you. You will learn where to find internal honesty and what fits and flows with your personality.

During this session, participants will…

  • Learn strategies to build practices to decipher their inner leader’s message specifically for them.
  • Create their inner compass, so they can gauge their every action and how it will affect their mission and leadership.
  • Learn to make lasting changes that stick!

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